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The ideal and the possible
We all are aware that childhood is the best age to learn Everything helps: natural elasticity, emulation, low propensity for repetition. In the adult the process is more difficult, but as we say “there is a remedy for everything”, in this case is the motivation factor. The adult the full understanding of the technical and mechanical concepts helps achieve the goals, In addition to other motivational factors such as achieve the level of other skiers, the imitation of the teacher or the challenge to oneself. Other goals are enjoy the sport together with others, have fun, open to new horizons, and discover new movements that will work best for each individual.

A proposal: going back to school?
Skiing, practiced at a good level, equals absolute freedom, enjoyment, mastery of one’s skills and discover of unknown talents. Stop the learning process immediately after reaching the minimum of self-sufficiency on skis, is a missed opportunity of what is still to discover.. The slopes are not all alike; theydon’t have the same terrains, or the same snow. Why deny to youself the ability of being completely in control of your skills? The ski instructor is trained to helps adults that appreciate the “lifelong learning” experience. He will correct technical errors, eliminate wrong positions, while employing the energies to master the sophisticated equipment and resources offered. This will facilitate and shorten the learning process, while avoiding making mistakes that can lead to physical inconveniences.

“at any stage of your life with our assistance you can enter a new dimension of this sport beyond your imagination”.

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